GOAL (Generating Opportunities for Learning in Logistics, by its acronym in Spanish) is a project that aims to disseminate logistics knowledge in a new and fun way.

Traditionally, one of the biggest difficulties in teaching logistics is that a large majority of universities have organized their programs in such a way that the knowledge they offer is functionally fragmented. Regularly, there are specific topics where we teach forecasts, inventories, linear programming, transportation, among others; but we will hardly find contents that link these areas of knowledge with each other, or show us how think about the application of two or more different techniques to solve the same problem. This way of teaching logistics has created fragmented views of reality, when this science should give an integrating vision.

In addition, a large number of techniques and models used in these subjects require mathematical skills and knowledge, which for many students means an arid phase in which it is difficult to assimilate the content.

Finally, even if students have been able to overcome these difficulties and distinguish production problems, inventory problems, optimization problems, etc., when facing the real world, the vast majority of the problems they face involve different functional areas In a company, with conflicting interests, and where you need to manage the different interfaces that arise between them.

A consequence of all this, is that few people decide to use some of the tools they learned during their years in universities and describe this knowledge as not very functional in practice.

Goal Project represents an effort to find a different way of transmitting logistic concepts. We want to make logistics an integrating science where students can experiment, create strategies, manage interfaces, understand the constraints of different logistics systems and, on the other hand, motivate them to understand and handle the different concepts that make up this area.